The Great Invention Of The Blower Wheel’s Puller


blower wheel puller

And what exactly is a blower wheel? Well now, that’s one of the many parts and components that form part of the complex maze that makes up your standard HVAC system. Just imagine the complexities of the state of the art modern systems now installed. But no matter how jacked up or well wired these systems are, they will eventually break down. It is inevitable. Also, HVAC systems are likely to be on for all twenty four hours of the day.

So, it stands to good reason that its parts and components will eventually wear down. And when that happens, there is only one man that can help put things right. But even for him, things tend to get a bit hot under the bonnet if you will. Some years ago, one fine HVAC technician had simply had enough. You could just say that he was a one man operation, and he was well and truly tired of struggling. For many hours and days he wracked his brain. Until one fine sunny day he invented the innovative and very useful blower wheel puller.

This is a specialized tool that helps all HVAC technicians remove the blower wheel or fan blades from the HVAC system quickly and quite easily. It has been timed at around two minutes for the average technician to remove the fan blade or blower wheel when using this device. Additional labor costs were eliminated entirely when this tool was invented because it only requires one technician to use it. Previously, hands aplenty would be needed to remove parts and components from an HVAC system. Presently, not any more.

The one man operation is here to stay and he can do rather well against the big guns now that he has innovation and ingenuity on his side.