Taking The Pain Out Of A Kitchen Remodel


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One of the bigger projects in remodeling the home is the kitchen. To be fair to the contractors concerned, it is a big job and requires the coordination of lots of different pieces, parts and skills.

When looking for kitchen remodeling services Chicago IL, there are things you can do upfront which might make the job easier.

Choose a contractor who comes across as a professional

If the contractor is unreliable when pitching for the product, it is a suggestion of how they might behave once they have the business. Make a note of who arrives on time to discuss the project. Which of the contractors you interview does what they say they will do. If they say they will get back to you in 24-hours, did they?

At this point of the project, all you have is their word. Are they as good as their word?

Get recommendations

The word of someone who has used the contractor before goes a long way to give you peace of mind. It is a big spend, you’re allowed to obsess a little to get it right.

Remember things take time

Are the new cabinets built from scratch? What does that do to the project plan? Look for a contractor who is realistic in planning the project phases. If the cabinet lead time is six weeks, then how will that affect the demolition? Does the contractor really have that in hand?

What about a Plan B?

Contractors are not perfect and sometimes will be affected by things they can’t control. It makes sense to have a Plan B, just in case things don’t work out. Contractors will be reluctant to ‘fix’ issues left by their colleagues, so you might have to be quite the diplomat.