Creating A Rustic Living Space: Tips & Tricks


A rustic living space has a very homey feeling and gives homeowners a calming place to relax. When designing a rustic living space of your own, you may not quite know where to begin. Today we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for creating the perfect country-styled cabin feel for your home.

1: Farmhouse Flooring Sets the Tone

Hand scraped flooring

Hand scraped flooring was incredibly popular during the 18th to 19th centuries, as this was what was available then. Today you can find this type of wooden flooring in Amish homes, old farmhouses (hence the name), and in some log cabins. Nothing will set the rustic theme better than this traditional flooring.

2: Cozy Rugs Are A Must

Cozy throw rugs are a must for a rustic space that feels comfortable. To stay true to the theme of the room, opt for woven rugs or small round ones in dark or neutral colors. As a tip, skip the cliché bear skin rug, as it really isn’t as rustic as you may think.

3: Fireplace’s Create a Very Old-Fashioned Feel

If you’re lucky, you will already have a fireplace built into your living area. If you don’t, adding one can create a very old-fashioned feel to the room. They have gas or wood burning fireplaces. They even have fake fireplaces that run off electricity and don’t require serious renovations. They aren’t quite the real thing but are a close runner up.

4: Armchairs Are Perfect Seating

A good arm chair or two is a must. Not only do they offer additional seating, but every farmhouse has one. It is even better if you can find an old-fashioned one in your local antique shop, as this would give your room a feeling of authenticity that can’t be faked.